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Sunday, March 28, 2010

When will environmentalism cease to be a fight and begin to be just a part of our culture?

CITIES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)has decided to NOT bring many marine species under its protection. The Japanese Embassy hosted a dinner before the day of the vote and served Blue Fin Tuna, one of the species being voted on.

The New Zealand Plant Conservation Network has put out a new book, Threatend Plants of New Zealand, and it claims that 184 plants in New Zealand are on the brink of extinction.

A new way to farm fish is developed to use less water, the CS Monitor reports.

Scientific American is all about water awareness this month. Check out their site and see how water intensive your lifestyle is.

A new process is developed to take more oil out of the Alberta Tar Sands for less of an environmental impact. This is very significant. This is either making what was already going to happen not so bad, or it will legitimize something that should be stopped.

At a convention in California a group of scientists called for climate intervention research. They are discussing the ethics of geoengineering the climate to reverse global warming.

The White House will host a Conservation Summit to bring together conflicting interests to discuss land management. A focus will be placed on participatory management, where localities have more responsibility in land management and the feds release their grip on all decision making. This has been building in the academic land management field for some time.

29 US Governors are pushing the White House to support renewable energy more. Governors are trying to meet ambitious pollution reduction targets, create jobs in their states, and upgrade and connect the energy grid. Governors want more cash subsidies and less tax breaks for renewable energy. Cash is more immediate and clear for the market to understand than tax breaks.

The UN announced that it will enlist the international consortium of national academies of science, the InterAcademy Council, to review the IPCC due to recent controversies. The basic conclusions of the IPCC are not in question, the UN just wants to address any legitimate skepticism of the IPCC, its practices and its findings.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Solar Power!

Solar Power is gaining traction because it is becoming cheaper than traditional sources of energy. Senator Bernie Sanders announces a plan to subsidize "distributed" solar power (small, at-source energy production). Britain is beginning to subsidize solar power as well. Coal, nuclear, petroleum, they are all subsidized, so why not subsidize power generation that does not cause so many problems for humans and our environment?

MotherJones publishes an article asking, What do we not know about global climate change?

American Legislatures are turning to plans to scrap cap and trade and just please their financial constituents.

Frank Luntz has helped Republicans use the right words to win the political game, now he turns his skills over to environmentalists so that they can re-shape their rhetoric. My guess is that this will be helpful but not as useful as Republicans have made Luntz's skills because Conservatives are usually conformative and Liberals are usually individualists when it comes to their beliefs

The first great idea is selling reusable bags for shopping, the next great idea will be getting consumers to use them. The Guardian reports.

The ipad is built Green, but is it Green if it is just an addition to someone's gadget harem? Grist comments.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Confusion over how we are degrading our natural environment, but no confusion over how to degrade it

I believe they are calling it the Watergate scandal. Some scientists ignored data that was contrary to their findings in a paper published about two decades ago. Climate Change skeptics are jumping all over it. The article under scrutiny was published in 1990 and is concerned with urban heat bubble heating compared to heating in the atmosphere outside of urban heat bubbles. The scandal does not disprove global warming. Furthermore, global warming is not the only environmental problem. Global warming is only one aspect of global environmental degradation.

The urban heat bubble is due to all of the pavement and black roofs. Painting your roof white is one option, "green roofs" are another option. Scientific American explains.

Obama is trying to create a Green Economy. Part of his plan is increased funding for Nuclear power through research and loans. Depending on your beliefs, this is a victory or a loss.

National Geographic lists resources for learning about freshwater environmental issues.

California attempts to create laws to decrease transportation emissions. The industries being regulated claim that the legislation would violate interstate commerce laws.

Obama wants to uphold his Copenhagen commitments of reducing pollution to 4% below 1990 emissions by 2020. This is pending American National legislation though.

Some centrist democrats are seeking to scrap cap and trade and go for a policy that would do little and give many concessions to polluting industries. Mother Jones reports.

Scientific American attempts to explain some of the many atmospheric characteristics that contribute to the global atmospheric temperature. There are forces both cooling and heating our atmosphere, the temperature we experience is a product of many forces.

And...say hello to genetically modified forests that do not reproduce.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

We March Cautiously Forward

San Jose Mercury News suggests 10 must read eco-books.

National Geographic covers "Energy Oases."

Fuel from Algae has been suggested as a possible future fuel source that is more environmental than other fuel sources. Scientific American sheds some doubt on this, the problem seems to be the food for the algae. More research is being done though as companies like Exxon have made large investments in Algae.

A major fertilizer is Nitrogen, made from petroleum. Nitrogen is used inefficiently in global, mechanized agriculture and the environmental consequences are large. This article from the Christian Science Monitor highlights Nitrogen in agriculture.

Friends of the Earth are campaigning against the US governments decision to help fund the building of nuclear power. Many people with financial motivations say that nuclear power is part of the low-carbon future, that is debatable.

Friends of the earth say that the nuclear industry is trying to get the American tax payer to help finance their private venture. This video helps explain their campaign.

California is in constant drought, with water running low the State government plans to drill dozens of new wells. This could be a terrible idea as tapping a declining reserve does not create more, its depletes more, at an increased rate. Agriculture is the main user of water in California.

In better news for California, garbage trucks are fueling themselves off of garbage.

China is developing, as so is their trash problem.

An Indian tribe in America turns to solar power as a way to make money rather than cash in on the Casino Craze.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I started a new job 4 weeks ago and have not had the time to continue this blog.

I will however begin blogging again in mid-February.

For your own research, some of my favorite news sources are:

Christian Science Monitor (has an environmental section)
International Herald Tribunes
Foreign Affairs
The Guardian (has an environmental section)
Scientific American
Science, magazine
BBC News
Washington Post
World Resources International
The Week
Mother Jones (has an environmental section)
Earth Trends
San Jose Mercury News (has an environmental section)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This post will contain most of what you need to know about Copenhagen and the Climate Change negotiations.

First, Grist published a list of "myths and facts" about the negotiations.

This story from Mother Jones gives some general news, something to notice is Obama's chief negotiator rejects the idea that the countries that caused climate change owe money or aid to countries that are victims of climate change. This is surprising and saddening. The European Union's position is the opposite but the EU is still reluctant to give up too much money. At the same time Australia is dedicated to reducing emissions, but not by a radical amount, and demands that the creators of climate change put up the money to help the victim countries.

Poor countries, victims of climate change, demand quick action and help from the perpetrators. This is will be one of the greatest strains at the negotiations, since there is no international court poor countries have to beg for action instead of sue for it. If the climate negotiations were a domestic Tort case, the rich would pay and the poor would be reimbursed for damages.

Religious leaders are having their say about climate change and the negotiations, the Archbishop of Canterbury is speaking out and urging countries to reach an agreement that protects the citizens of the world from climate change. The church bells rang 350 times, 350ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere is the target to avoid climate catastrophe.

Protesters are angry, not just about the negotiations but about treatment from riot police. Many have been arrested and treated inhumanely. Some of the mass arrests did not occur when protesters acted out of line, there of course are the violent anarchists present. Peaceful protesters were arrested, not allowed bathroom services, heat, food or drink. An investigation into the Danish police force is being campaigned for.

Sarah Palin had her views about climate change published in the Washington Post, of course they were inaccurate and help to rally ignorant people to march to their own demise.

While the majority of Americans are worried about climate change and think that their actions affect it they are unwilling to change too much, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

Advances in technology will be one of our saviors. Scientists have been able to use paper and nanotubes to create a battery. The comments on the article ask "The result is a highly conductive sheet that can carry a charge" Sounds more like a capacitor than like a battery to me. Did I miss something?"